Packages we might like (but haven’t tried yet!)

Here are a list of packages that could be useful for hydrological applications. We do not have experience with any of these packages, but we provide links to the supporting documentation that will allow you to make your own judgement.

hydroGOF Computes basic goodness-of-fit measures for comparing observed and simulated hydrological time series. The package includes basic plotting functionality, plus computation for statistics such as the Nash-Sutcliffe Coefficient of Efficiency, Mean Absolute Error, R2 and at least a dozen others.
hydroTSM Written by the same author that wrote hydroGOF, this package is designed to help manage time series data in R. The package includes tools to aggregate (sub)daily data to monthly, seasonal or annual scales, calculate various rainfall statistics (e.g. number of wet days or missing days), plot the flow duration curve, compute spatial averages through some basic kriging, and plenty more. A brief tutorial is given here.
Rglimclim This is the R implementation of GlimClim: a multi-site, multivariate weather generator based on generalised linear models. This version supersedes the original Fortran 77 version of the model.
 topmodel This is the R implementation of Topmodel, based on the 1995 Fortran version by Keith Beven.

For more information on R and its associated packages, please refer to the following links.

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