Packages we like

Here is a list of R packages that we have used in our research.

Hydrological modelling

Evapotranspiration This package calculates both potential evapotranspiration (PET) and actual evapotranspiration (AET) from 17 different formulations, including:
– Penman Monteith
– Priestley Taylor
– Morton’s CRAE and CRWE
– Szilagyi Jozsa
– Penpan
– McGuinness Bordne
– Blaney Criddle
– Brutsaert Strickler
– Granger Gray
– Hargreaves Samani
– Jensen Haise
– Makkink
– Matt Shuttleworth
– Truc
 hydromad Hydromad (Hydrological Model Assessment and Development) is a package for hydrological modelling and related data analysis. The package includes a diversity of soil moisture accounting models, including IHACRES, the Sacramento Soil Moisture Accounting Model, GR4J, the Australian Water Balance Model (AWBM), and several others.

Frequency analysis

jointPm Risk estimation using the joint probability method.
evd This package contains a diversity of both parametric and non-parametric multivariate extreme value models.
ismev This package is designed to support the computations of the highly-recommended book “An Introduction to Statistical Modelling of Extreme Values” by Stuart Coles. It focuses on univariate extreme value methods, including block maximum, threshold-excess and r-largest approaches.
spatialextremes This is an excellent package for simulating spatial extremes – i.e. extremes such as rainfall that have a natural spatial domain. It includes the max-stable representation of extremes described in this paper. An example of an application of the model for simulating non-stationary rainfall fields is given here.

For more information on R and its associated packages, please refer to the following links.

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