Open Source Hydrology

The open source software movement is rapidly gaining momentum within the hydrological research community, in large part because the availability of source code means that researchers can tinker with the algorithms and learn the mechanisms of how things work (of course the fact that the software is free also helps!). There are now a plethora of hydrological models and other supporting software available for download.

With so much software and source code becoming available, the question inevitably arises: What software should I use for my problem? This website tries to help you answer this question, by listing the open source software that we know about.

Being listed on this website does not signify that we endorse the software, and no doubt there will be many excellent programs that we have missed. We have categorised the software into either software we (meaning at least one of the site’s contributors) have used, or software that we have heard about but do not have personal experience with. Please keep in mind that we do not know the specific details of the problems you are trying to solve, and therefore something that has worked for us may not be suitable for your.

We have categorised the software by platform, since there are often significant learning overheads with moving from one platform to another.  At the moment, we have compiled information on:

If you know of any open source software that should be listed on this website, please send us an email (replace –at- with @). Note, however, that we do not provide technical support on any of the software listed, and any technical support emails will not be answered.

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