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Holiday special: The Basilica cistern

Istanbul is an intriguing city that thrives at the interface: between east and west, Islam and Christianity, antiquity and modernity.  It is a city of monuments spanning two millennia, including the Hagia Sophia which was constructed and reconstructed while Istanbul … Continue reading

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Thinking outside of the bell curve

Statistical distributions do not usually generate widespread public enthusiasm. Sure, some people spend hours admiring the shape-shifting forms of the beta distribution or the unflappable positivity of the exponential distribution; the limitless potential of the Gumbel distribution or the black-or-white … Continue reading

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Why blog about hydrology?

The hydrological cycle has fascinated humanity for millennia, with a diversity of ancient civilisations known to manipulate river systems for agricultural purposes, and adapt – although not always successfully – to periodic floods and droughts. It was not until seventieth … Continue reading

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