The HydroFiles is an Australian community blog that covers issues of interest to hydrologists and the wider community alike. The site contains regular blog posts from a diversity of contributors, plus a host of information on open source software tools and courses and conferences that might help you delve deeper into the world of hydrology.

Where does name “The HydroFiles” come from?


Translated from Greek, a hydrophile is something that loves water. It is a term commonly used to describe the behaviour of molecules in water, with salts and sugars classified as hydrophilic (they dissolve readily), whereas oils are not.

And what’s not to love? Water surrounds us and resides within us; it is one of the very few essential ingredients to all life on earth; and is involved in almost all that we do. Most of the planet is covered by water, and humans seek out places to live where water is both abundant and secure. In Australia, 85% of people live within 50 km of the coastline, mostly in the high rainfall regions of the south-east.

The name of our blog – The HydroFiles – reflects our passion for studying the distribution and movement of water throughout Planet Earth, its influence on all living things, and its power for both nurture and destruction. The change in spelling is also deliberate: it reflects our desire to document what we do, and maintain an up-to-date discussion of pressing issues in the science and practice of hydrology.

Finally, I must confess, it is also a nod to the X-Files – a show I grew up on. As they say, “The Truth Is Out There”, but hopefully now you will find a little of it contained in these pages as well.


The contributors on this site do so in a personal capacity. Posts do not represent the views of the organisations they work for, nor the agencies that fund them. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the contents in the posts, if you notice any errors please do let us know using the contact details below, or by replying to individual posts.


If you would like to contact us, suggest a topic to be covered or contribute an article yourself, please email The HydroFiles (replace -at- with @) .


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